IBA Public Education Partnership Program (PEP)

The IBA Public Education Partnership (PEP) Program provides an opportunity for Iowa non-profit organizations and government agencies with limited budgets to distribute important statewide messages through radio and television stations across the state.

Qualifying organizations pay the IBA a fee to distribute their messages to Iowa stations. Participating stations in turn are asked to air the announcements during the campaign and provide the IBA with documentation for their airtime.  Although radio and television stations do not receive direct compensation for airing these PEP announcements, the IBA invests the fees received into member services such as our two free legal hotlines, Alternative Inspection Program and professional training seminars.

The PEP Program is the lifeblood of the IBA and we encourage all members to participate.

For more information about the IBA PEP Program contact PEP Coordinator Mark Osmundson at 641-752-4122 or

Station Information

None at this time.